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Our company has been working with garage doors and openers for so many years, so we know more than a thing or two about them! Carry on reading to find out some great tips on how to get the most out of your door for a long time to come.

  • Replace your metal rollers with the nylon type to lower noise.

    One straightforward way to lower the noise of operating up-and-over sectional garage doors is to replace the metal rollers with nylon rollers. Not only are the nylon rollers quieter they’re also maintenance free – there’s no need to lubricate them at intervals.

  • The garage door can be insulated with polystyrene sheets.

    Save energy by insulating the garage door. It’s economically to insulate the door with polystyrene sheets. You can get full sheets of them at Home Depot or Lowes and then cut them down to wedge between hinges behind each panel of your garage door. You can also get insulation kits for standard-size garage doors.

  • Don’t get frozen out

    If you live in an area with particular cold weather, you’ll need to pay a little bit of extra attention to your garage door. Because automated garage doors are electro-mechanical devices, harsh weather can play havoc with their internal operating systems and mechanisms. Some mechanisms even freeze or stiffen because of the weather. Most garage doors have pressure adjustments and these should be adjusted every season to keep your door functioning properly.

  • Install the opener control at the right place

    Our garage door experts suggest that you install and mount the wall control unit at least five feet off the floor. By doing so, you are keeping this out of a child’s reach. You should never allow children to operate the remote control or the button on the door unit.

  • Make your noisy garage door quiet

    Having a noisy garage door is not a rare thing. It's certainly annoying and sometimes it can be dangerous, too. So, when you hear loud or unusual noises coming from the door, don't ignore them. It might be nothing but since you cannot be sure about it, it's best to check. It's also important to prevent such issues with regular maintenance that will include lubrication. Lubricants will make the movement of the door smooth. Don't forget that most garage door parts are made of steel. As they come in contact with each other they will produce loud noises without lubricants. 

    In other cases, loud noises could be an indication to more serious problems that might involve the springs / loose parts / a cable that has come off the drum, or a malfunctioning opener. It's not always easy to distinguish which part makes the loudest noise since these types of mechanisms aren't entirely quiet altogether as it is, and for that you might need the assistance of our experts.

  • Clean the door periodically

    Don't underestimate the importance of garage door cleaning. It must be well cleaned since it's important for the system's operation, your safety and the longevity of the door. Cleaning the door is also significant for aesthetic reasons. You can't expect people to admire a filthy overhead door! You can't imagine what might be hiding under a thick skin of dust. And garage doors do get dirty!

    Other parts must be cleaned well, too. Tracks get dirty easily and believe it or not they'll obstruct the movement of the rollers. So, remove any tree leaves or even small sticks and clean them well. It's best to remove grime and dirt before lubrication maintenance anyway. The sensors might not work properly if they're too dirty. They might get a false alarm reversing the door or fail to detect someone passing under the door.

  • Seal the door with good varnishes

    Taking care of the garage door is important. If the panel is damaged, it will be vulnerable to force entries and bad weather. The point is that the right choice of materials will either make your life easier or more difficult. Some materials are stronger and highly resistant and some are more sensitive. Though, they all need good maintenance and taking care of the surface of the door in order to avoid rust is extremely significant. This is true even for galvanized materials. When the door is zinc coated is better protected from moisture or the sun but possible dents will destroy the protective layer making the door once more vulnerable.

    Failure to check the surface of the door will lead to several problems since plain materials will get damaged easier according to our experts. Don't forget that wood is extremely sensitive and might warp over the years. Due to constant exposure to the sun and rain, it will eventually rot or dry out and that will be the beginning of the end. You'll save a lot of money from garage door panel replacement if you would treat periodically the door with top quality varnishes. Coats will create a layer of skin over the surface that will protect the material but you need to get the right coats depending on the material. You should also check that the weight of the door has not been modified after applying the varnish.

  • Check the condition of tracks often

    Garage door tracks are considered some of the most important parts of the system. They are the rails, where the rollers sit and carry the door to its whole movement up and down. In fact, both garage door rollers and tracks must be a perfect match in terms of size and depending on the weight of the door. The tracks are vertical, curved and horizontal since the overhead door starts opening from down below and moves all the way to the backside of the garage along the ceiling.

    Since the door moves within the tracks with the assistance of the wheels, the tracks must be adjusted according to the size of the door. They must be well secured with brackets, which are in turn secured with bolts and nuts. If these parts are loose, the tracks will be misaligned and the door won't move well or not at all. So, when we check the tracks, we must also check the parts holding them in one place. They must also be well lubricated along with the rollers, so that the door's movement will be smooth. Lubrication will also keep them in perfect condition since most tracks are made by plain steel. They must be free of dents and dirt that might obstruct the movement of the rollers. They are not really damaged easily but they must be checked regularly.

  • Invest in safety cables

    Torsion springs may store more tension than extension springs for garage doors but the latter ones might also snap and inflict injuries. By installing safety cables you'll have peace of mind. If the extension springs break, the safety cables will keep them from flying against your car or family.

  • Check tracks often

    Garage door tracks are not damaged easily but the slightest dent would create problems for the rolling of the wheels according to Garage Door Repair Miami. Even over concentrated dirt will obstruct the movement of the garage door rollers and it's important to check, maintain and clean them often.

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