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Being in the automated garage door business for as long as we have, we’ve come across nearly every question or issue that there is out there, and we’ve found the answer! Carry on reading for a list of comprehensive FAQs that we’re sure will help you!

  • What type of garage door materials are there to choose from?

    There are several types of materials to choose from, steel, wooden, aluminum and fiberglass. They also come in various styles. Find out which one will compliment your home the best and boost your property's value.

  • What metal garage doors are stronger?

    Steel is stronger than aluminum. Aluminum overhead doors are lightweight but the strength of steel will also be estimated depending on its gauge number. When the gauge number is low (around 24 to 27 max), steel will be stronger! Aluminum is so light that it is not recommended by our experts for windy regions.

  • How does an emergency release kit work?

    Although automatic garage door openers offer ease of use, they also come with a few drawbacks. You may have limited access if there is no power in your area. That’s what an emergency release kit is for. The lock mechanism is programmed to release the opener, allowing you to operate it manually.

  • My garage door keeps opening and closing, what’s going on?

    For people who own automatic garage doors or garage door openers, experts at our company in Miami recommend checking out the circuit board. It is likely that something shorted out which is causing your garage door to open and close on its own.

  • Why does my door becomes so heavy when I lift it manually?

    The force setting of your door may be too strong. You can refer to your owner’s manual to adjust the force setting of your door. This should be checked and inspected from time to time.

  • Should I install a lock on my garage door?

    Locks will be necessary only if your garage door is manually handled. Electric garage doors do not need locks since most of them prevent intrusions. Modern electric garage door openers have the capacity to lock the door when it is closed down. the door won't open until it has been activated by the remote control or wall switch. It's best to try that out by attempting to open the door from outside. Under normal conditions and with a modern electric opener this should be impossible.

  • Why should I avoid garage door repairs on my own?

    Messing with such heavy and complex mechanisms is not prudent and most definitely not recommended by our specialists. Don't forget! In theory, everything is easy! In practice, that’s a whole different story. Just try to imagine the complexity of replacing garage door cables. You need to secure the door, release the tension of the springs, get the right size cables, make sure they're properly connected with the other parts and properly secured and then test whether you have installed them correctly.

    First of all, all garage door repairs are complex – even the simplest of all. This is true because most garage door parts are interconnected somehow and in order to repair or replace one, you'll need to follow a certain path and get involved in removing and reinstalling other parts, too. Second, any task involving the release of garage door springs will definitely be very dangerous. Even if the springs are in perfect condition, if you make one small mistake, they will still snap due to their tremendous tension and you might pay it with your life.

    Tightening some nuts and taking a quick look that the parts are okay should be alright. Some handymen should also be able to lubricate parts. Don't assume that lubrication maintenance is easy; you still need to make sure parts are lubricated right. It's also important to use the right tools and choose the right repair parts or your efforts will go in vain!

  • Why overhead doors might be more dangerous?

    Overhead garage doors are not dangerous but they will certainly be safety hazards if they are not maintained regularly. The truth is that all garage systems might injure you or fall and damage your property if they are not repaired and maintained ever. There is always extra attention given to overhead doors because of their construction and the way they move. When something so heavy, such as the garage panel, moves up and down based on the good operation of the garage door parts, chances are the malfunctions could cause its collapse.

    Though, such examples are pretty rare. Today, overhead doors are made with great attention to the smallest detail and this includes particularly the electric garage door openers. The overhead door moves on rollers, which slide in tracks. With the activation of the automatic opener, the wheels will move upwards carrying the door all the way to the backside of the garage along the ceiling. The movement will stop and the door will be kept open thanks to various parts and mainly the springs. The door can also be stopped midway and will still be kept open thanks to springs.

    If something doesn't work fine and the door starts moving downwards, the sensors will reverse or stop its movement should something stands in the way. So, the secret is to make sure the component parts work fine and giving attention to the condition of sensors is a must.

  • Is it normal for my garage door to shake when moving?

    No, this is not normal. Our specialists in garage door repair Miami recommend that you check all metal parts and especially the spring, hinges and tracks for deformation and damage. Severely damaged or broken parts have to be replaced immediately.

  • Why aluminum frames are best?

    People are usually given the choice between wood and aluminum frames for glass garage doors and windows. Wood is elegant but more sensitive and it will eventually warp. Aluminum is much stronger for such applications and it will provide greater security and insulation, especially if it's sealed.

  • Which torsion springs to choose?

    Oil tempered garage door springs are the strongest since their wires are heated in high temperatures. Garage Door Repair Miami would suggest checking the weight of the door. If it's heavy, you might need a second torsion spring and it's best to get two of the same size.

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