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We repair garage door parts and doors with speed and expertise

Noisy, slow opening or completely jammed garage door? We have the right solution to any problem. Count on us at Garage Door Repair Miami, to replace broken springs and faulty safety sensors and to fix motors and panels. We use only the best spare parts and the finest modern equipment to provide scheduled and emergency repair services. All residents of Miami, and the surrounding can count on our quick assistance. Our company works with all door and opener brands without exception. You can rely on us for professional installation and maintenance services too. Contact us!



The Hidden Talent

I got so nervous, not to mention that I haven’t told my parents about the party. Now they will also find out that our door had a complete makeover, from a simple garage door to one full of graffiti. Before I knew it, my parents have were back home.

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The Garage Door Photo Electric Eyes Confuse Grandma

I love my dad to bits but he is completely convinced that he is as strong and tech-savvy as he was in the 1950s. This is not your average grandfather who is afraid to touch modern things. Instead dad is always willing to try out the latest gadget.

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Would-Be Burglar Trapped by Garage Door

I have just returned from reporting an attempted burglary at my home. This idiot somehow decided to commence a career in petty criminality before really understanding what he was letting himself in for.

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Fashion Disaster at the Garage Door

My wife and I were attending a social engagement on Saturday evening when the car and garage doors conspired to ruin one of the most expensive and treasured dresses in my wife’s wardrobe.

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Emergency Repair Service for a New Client

My shift was almost over when Tom Portman called to report a problem with the garage door. Since we were still at work my colleague and I decided to respond to this call before heading home for the day.

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