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Cables & Tracks

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Dealing to Snapped Cables

As one of the key components in assisting the movement of garage doors, a broken cable is going to result in a lot of problems for your garage. On some occasions the door will refuse to move, whereas in others might crash and create a serious safety risk. Either way, you will be unable to access your garage so long as this feature remains damaged, and any attempt to manually repair the cable merely creates a dangerous scenario that can permanently damage your door- and, more importantly, will cause serious harm to yourself. Fortunately, our team provides a quick and easy replacement service that will see this common issue resolved in no time.

Tracks That Have Run Amuck

Cables and TracksServing as a guide for the movement of your garage door, tracks play an important role when ensuring that your door is travelling along the correct path. If your garage door has come off its track- whether due to natural damage, neglect, or another reason- you’re in luck! Cables and tracks are no challenge for our experts, who possess the proper training and equipment to see your door realigned and properly functioning as soon as humanly possible.

Ensuring Everything Runs Smoothly

To keep cables and tracks operating as they should, regular maintenance is an absolute must. Adjustments to the tracks are essential for keeping your door traveling in the right direction, whilst lubrication and cleaning allows consistently smooth and unobstructed movement. Cables, on the other hand, may also need tightening to assist with the raising and lowering of your door. We are happy to provide these services to ensure your ongoing safety and security. By staying on top of any small issues before they develop into bigger ones, we strive to deliver peace of mind and reduce the chances of any unexpected (and costly!) accidents from occurring.

Dedicated To Providing the Best Service

Damaged cables and tracks are definite safety hazards. To the untrained eyes and hands, attempting to resolve these issues can become a dangerous task, and it’s much safer to get in contact with technicians that have the appropriate skills and understandings.

Call Garage Door Repair Miami now for assistance that is both safe and efficient!

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